Here at Adultchat.US, we've tried to make our chat as simple and user-friendly as possible, especially for mobile chat users.

  1. From the home page, you can select any of our most popular chat rooms to join. When you attempt to join, you will be prompted to enter a username, gender, and date of birth. You can register and log in to bypass this step and go straight to the chat room of your choice, but this is completely optional. Registration is a great way to preserve your username or ownership over any custom chat rooms, however.
  2. After entering your information or logging in and joining chat, you will be joined to the room of your choice. Text sent by other users will scroll over the main window. You can enter text of your own in the bar at the bottom. You can join other rooms -- as many at a time as you want -- from the second button from the left, at the top of the chat window, represented by three horizontal lines, or exit the room you are currently in by clicking on the circled X at the far right of the chat menu bar.
  3. You can message other users privately by clicking on their username, whether in the main chat window or in the user list (which can be revealed, if currently hidden, by clicking on the bottom-right button, which contains a picture of two human silhouettes). This reveals a context menu which will let you private message (which opens in a new chat tab), whisper (which sends them a message in the main chat window), or even block or report problem users.
  4. You can start broadcasting your webcam and/or microphone to other users by using the second button from the right on the bottom bar, containing a video camera icon, or receive other users' streams by clicking on any names in the user list with a camera icon beside them. When you broadcast, you have full control over who is allowed to receive your stream.

This brief guide should help get you off the ground, but for more tips, watch for new blogs or updates on our forums. Have fun, stay safe, and follow the rules!