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For any problems you encounter, the most helpful and immediate option will be to contact one of our helpful chat moderators. They are the users found typically at the top of the user list and with stars next to their usernames. If someone is breaking the rules severely, click their username and then the "report" option in the context menu that pops out, and give an informative and detailed report of the problem so that moderators may address it expediently. Screenshots are always helpful. For less severe problems with other users, please simply use the "block" feature.

For any other issues, you may use the contact form below. Be warned, however, that there are many issues we cannot address through this contact form, such as user behavior. We are automatically notified of service outages, so there is no need for you to inform us of them.

Common Issues

I was banned!

Bans may not be appealed through this contact form. Bans are applied by our moderators using their best judgement. In most cases, bans are temporary. Any ban appeal supplied through this contact form will be ignored.

Chat will not load.

Your hardware (whether desktop, laptop, or smartphone) and its operating system and web browser must support the latest web browser standards. JavaScript must be enabled. You must be using a supported web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

Connections through a VPN or proxy, or connections originating from certain countries, may be blocked. Web browser addons you may be using could be interfering with loading the chat applet. There is no way for us to troubleshoot this for you, so you will have to try things on your own.

I forgot my username and password!

We cannot supply you with your username or password because you may not be who you claim to be. No assistance can be provided in this case. Either re-register, or use the "forgot password" feature located at the chat room's host website.

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