Welcome to the chat rooms

Please read the room description before choosing which of the two adult chat rooms you'd prefer to join. We offer two rooms for each category, both very different. For more information on how to choose, navigate to the About section of our site.

Adult Chat

A general chatting environment of no specific topic. Room 1 tends to have more activity and contains people posting nude selfies, porn and seeking other adults. Room 2 is a much smaller intimate chat room with conversation and social interaction between users.

Sex Chat

The largest of the chat rooms to choose from. Thousands of users are online in room 1 at any time of day, video chat, sharing nude selfies, looking for hook ups and everything in between. Room 2 is more of the same but is a lot less crowded, a better option for those who are new to online chat.

Gay Chat

A place where men can find other men to chat with. The first gay chat typically has the most users who are looking to trade pics, cam chat, and hook up. The second is more for men looking to connect on a deeper level with more engaging conversation.

Lesbian Chat

Female only chat rooms. A place where women can converse without the distraction of men! The primary lesbian chat has the most girls in it looking to exchange pics and has a sexually charged atmosphere, the second lesbian chat is a more social place for friendship.

Role Play Chat

Users looking to get creative and role play need look no further. We have some of the most popular role play chat rooms on the web! Much like the other rooms, the sexual content tends to be in the first, the second a friendlier and engaging place.