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Chat Expectations: Who You Will Meet

Mar 25, 2019

When you join our free chat rooms, you will meet all kinds of people. There are available women and men ranging from single, to married but looking for more, to those in open relationships, to polyamorous groups that would love to include you. They come in every sex, age, and shape that you can imagine. It would be difficult to try to describe them all, so today, we'll talk about three chat personality archetypes that you are likely to encounter in our live chat rooms.

The Novice

While it's preferable to be kind to everyone you meet, some people can be difficult to interact with. They may need help using the chat room features. They may have poor etiquette. They may be completely clueless, or even have a limited grasp of the English language. When you find yourself talking to The Novice, you'll need patience -- but it's worth the effort. Like diamonds in the rough, there are quality people to discover among even the unwashed masses.

How to Spot The Novice:

The Experienced Chatter

Experienced users are probably the top 30% of the chat room population. They are the movers and shakers, the ones that animate a room to talk about a given topic. They keep it interesting and talk about things that anyone can engage with. This is who you should strive to be! The Experienced Chatter is popular, respectful of everyone, and makes new friends easily. Some of those may even turn into lasting connections, possibly even real-life meetings. If you want good outcomes, be kind and courteous, socialize in the public rooms, and become a trusted figure like The Experienced Chatter is.

The Veteran

In any chat room, you will see users that, even if they rarely speak, when they do, they are met with deference. Everyone respects the chat room veteran's opinions, and they got there by giving respect themselves. Showing respect to The Novice and The Experienced Chatter alike is how The Veteran maintains their status. Even if some view these three personalities as a sort of hierarchy, The Veteran either generally does not see things that way, or at least doesn't act like it. Showing patience and respect to everyone, rather than trying to lord one's status over the peasants, is the difference between being seen as the "wise old man on the mountain" and being known as that one asshole to avoid who has inexplicably been around forever and just won't go away.

No matter who you are or how long you have been around, remember that a chat room is a microcosm of global society, and that harmony is what makes any society function. Observing the rules and etiquette of any society ensures you a solid place within it.