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A Better Chat Experience

Mar 25, 2019

If you are a newcomer to our online chat rooms, things may sometimes seem difficult to manage, or even hectic. Our chat software has to function for as many users as possible, so not every ease-of-use or blocking option can be enabled automatically on your first visit. However, with just a little patience, you can tailor your chat room experience to be much closer to what you need in order to have a good time.

Joining the Chat

From the home page, there are links to individual chat rooms you may join. This will open up, depending on where you are and whether you are logged in, a set of input fields where you can type your desired username, gender, and date of birth, or the chat applet's login and registration dialog, where you can input the same information and, optionally, register to have a permanent username and profile. Fill this out, and you'll be presented with either the room you selected, or a list of rooms available to join. Once you're in, it's time to either try things out, or customize until you have things how you want them.

Look and Feel

The most obvious things you can change will involve the look and feel of the chat. From the menu, represented by a gear icon, you can select "options," and then "appearance" to decide whether you want timestamps, notifications when your friends log on or off, whether you want to be notified when every user joins or leaves the room you are in, whether you want emoji to show as graphics or plain text, and more. You can switch to the "sounds" tab to change whether you get audible notices when someone mentions you, as well as the "theme" tab to change the graphical theme of the chat.

Blocking Individual Users

For any problem user you come across, you can click their name, either in the flow of chat or in the user list (if displayed -- it will be hidden on some smaller screens, though there is a button to display it temporarily), to get a list of options for interacting with the user. One of those options is the "block" option, which will hide any messages they send in the rooms or any attempts they make to send private messages to you.

Blocking by Gender

Additionally, private messages can be blocked on the basis of gender. If you don't want to hear from men, for instance, from the "private messages" tab within the "options" dialog, you can check "block private from male users". The same goes for women and users of unspecified gender. This will only hide private messages; any user who is not blocked through the method mentioned in the previous section ("Blocking Individual Users") will still be visible in the chat rooms.

Blocking by Registration

You may also prevent users who are not registered -- guest users -- from contacting you through private messages. In the same "private messages" tab within the "options" dialog, check "block private from guest users."

Friends-Only Messaging

If you wish to receive private messages exclusively from people who are on your friends list, visit the "private messages" tab in the "options" dialog, uncheck "enable private messages," and make sure that "always allow friend PMs" is checked. To add people to the list of users who are allowed to send you private messages, click their username in the chat, then click "add friend" in the context menu that pops out. You must be registered to use this feature.