A Better Chat Experience

If you are a newcomer to our online chat rooms, things may sometimes seem difficult to manage, or even hectic. Our chat software has to function for as many users as possible, so not every ease-of-use or blocking option can be enabled automatically on your first visit. However, with just a little patience, you can tailor your chat room experience to be much closer to what you need in order to have a good time.

Gay and Lesbian Friendly Chat

Typical online chat rooms are tailored mainly, if not exclusively, to heterosexual audiences -- particularly straight men. They post dick pics, and they get offended when they see dick pics, even though that's the same kind of content they themselves are posting. They seek the attention and affection of women whose appearances conform as exactly as possible to the heterosexual ideal -- skinny, long hair, makeup (but not "too much!"), big tits -- and may sometimes even mistreat women whose bodies do not conform to this ideal.

5 Chat Room "DON'Ts"

Free adult chat rooms can be a great way to have fun, make new friends, or even meet people in your area and hook up. When you're visiting our adult chats, however, it's important to keep courtesy, safety, and security in mind, to help ensure that you have the best and most successful possible experience.